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The Pony Express Set

The Pony Express was one of the top three passenger sets that American Flyer made. These sets were set apart from all of the others because of the special paint schemes that were used. In this case the striking yellow and gray livery of the Union Pacific railroad was applied. This set was manufactured in 1959 and 1960 and it came with all of the optional extras: dual Pull-mor motors, a bell which rang as the engine moved slowly in or out of the station and four illuminated cars. GIF (5K)

The Black Diamond Freight

The Black Diamond Freight was one of the many reasonably priced train sets that American Flyer issued in the 1950’s, and these sets can still be found today at a economical price. Almost all of these sets came equipped with "PULL-MOR POWER" drive and "Choo-Choo" sounds. This set is led by their No. 303 4-4-2 Atlantic type locomotive from 1955. GIF (4K)

The Circus Set

The Circus Set was released by American Flyer in 1950. You became the ring master in your recreation room. Not only the train was provided in this set, but there were die cut sheets to construct a "Big Top with three rings," a "Main Ticket Booth," "Side Show Tents," "Animal Cages," "Circus Wagons," a "Calliope," and a "Hot Dog Stand." Now what could be more American? Smiley GIF (8K)

The Flying Freighter

The Flying Freighter featured American Flyer’s Northern Locomotive (4-8-4) done up in Union Pacific livery as their top of the line freight set in 1955. The locomotive and tender were over 21 inches in length and had smoke, choo-choo sound and their new "tone" whistle. Three of these cars were new this year; the "Delaware & Hudson" gondola with canisters, the three dome "Gulf" tank car, and the action caboose with automatic brakeman. GIF (7K)

The Missouri Pacific

The Missouri Pacific was originally produced in 1959. In striking blue and silver colors it went on to become the most valuable of all the passenger sets that flew the American Flyer flag. Re-issued in 1963 and 1964 the blue coloring on the cars produced in this period did not extend through the doors. This later version only came with a single powered "A" unit that had only one motor that drove both axles on one truck via worm drive. This set has the distinction of being the last passenger set made by Gilbert. GIF (5K)

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The Yard King offered lots of action to those lucky kids who received this set during the holidays in 1955. The Nickel Plate Road (0-8-0) switcher engine came with smoke, choo-choo and whistle sounds and was capable of hauling 40 cars with its Pull-mor motor. The "engineer" could even re-rail a derailed locomotive at night thanks to the search light car. The work crew also had a place to bed down after finishing the job in the No. 953 Combine car. Smiley GIF (6K)

The American Flyer 'CHIEF'

The American Flyer "CHIEF" came with dual worm drive motors and was produced with a chrome finish in its premier year of 1953. It would be produced with a silver painted finish from 1954 until 1957. The cars numbered 960 to 963 would follow a similar finish except that beginning in 1955 American Flyer would offer these cars with various colored bands that were painted along the window row. The "B" Unit came with an "air chime whistle" and was also equipped with "diesel roar" for part of these production years. GIF (6K)

The Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet was produced in 1953 and 1954. In gleaming chrome silver (1953) and satin silver paint (1954) this train was a striking addition to the American Flyer Line. Intended as a starter set, the streamlined engine differed from previous releases in that it was made out of plastic, the reverse unit was moved to the tender and choo-choo sound and smoke were added. This set was a pleasure to watch run as it reflected all of the surrounding lights off of its chassis. Smiley GIF (8K)

The North Coast Limited Set

The North Coast Limited seven unit consist is arguably the finest passenger set made by the A.C. Gilbert Company. First produced in 1956 it was the first of the Alcos that were colorfully painted with the actual paint schemes used by the prototype railroad, in this case The Northern Pacific. The powered "A" unit was equipped with dual motors, the "B" unit was equipped with diesel "roar" and electronic horn, and it came with five illuminated cars. American Flyer collectors say that it is a toss up which passenger set is the most desirable, this one or the Missouri Pacific. GIF (6K)

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