Amerrican Flyer Electric Trains Horizontal Rules Awards
The Silver Bullet

Golden Web Award

The Golden Web Award is a service of The International Association of Web Masters and Designers and is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.

TrainNet Web Gem Award

The coveted Web Gem Award is bestowed on railroad oriented web sites that meet or exceed the minimum criteria and have been recommended by the site’s webmaster (or designer) or the users and staff of All railroad oriented web sites, personal or corporate, are eligible to receive the Web Gem Award. About this site "TrainNet" said, "Your ’horizontal rules’ concept is so unique and interesting that (going by the reactions from the staff) even people who aren’t model railroaders, much less Lionel or AF fans, are fascinated and intrigued by the concept."

Arlana's Corner Award

Offers five awards . . . Web Page Excellence - The Site must be well designed and well organized; Beautiful Webster - Site should have eye-pleasing design and appealing graphics; Fun Site - Site should be enjoyable, with fun things to do or see; Cool Site - Will depend on the site, no set criteria; and, Great Site - Will depend on the Site, no set Criteria.

The Yard King

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