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The Pony Express Set

This site and many others like it provide a service to all of the internet community. We make and provide graphics for FREE. In return we ask for nothing other than:


If your page is not on the same server as mine, then your home page’s server has to contact my server to get each graphic that is linked to my site. This would happen on every occasion when your home page is loaded by a visitor to your page. As a result of this practice many graphical sites on the internet have had to shut down because they were billed thousands of dollars by their service providers. The exponential growth of the internet has caused this problem to become increasingly prevalent. I don’t want to loose my site because of this.

These pages are created and designed by me. Since I feel that it is important that they remain current I periodically change the graphics. This is my prerogative. If your page is linked here, and the graphic is no longer available on my site, then it will also be missing from yours.

I wouldn’t tell you what to put on your web site, and conversely, no one has the right to tell me what I should put on mine. I don’t think that you would enjoy being told to remove your site by your server, so please be kind enough to allow me to continue to make and display what I enjoy creating.

I hope that this will convey my reasoning behind why it is very important NOT to link graphics. If you don’t know how to download a graphic for use on your own page, just email me. I’ll be glad to help.
Charles Wilber
Charles Wilber
Webmaster Tandem Associates LLC

Flying Freighter

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