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The Silver Bullet

These are links to people who have used The American Flyer Horizontal Rules (HRs) that I have created. I hope you will go to each of their sites and see the way they have put my HRs to good use. Although, you may not see the HRs on the pages linked here, they are used somewhere in their other pages.

gangcar David & Linda Dewey’s HomeSpace
David was instrumental in helping develop these pages.

gangcar Bill’s Railroad Empire

gangcar Lone Star Flyer Club

gangcar Craig O’Connell’s S Scale Model Railroading American Flyer

gangcar South Jersey S Gaugers

I check periodically for any false links. If I find a link not using at least one of my HRs, it is promptly removed. If you find any link here that is not working please let me know by sending an email to:

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The Yard King

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