BS-6, 1030
BS-6 Bright Green Shrub

This was one of the many individual items that Bachmann introduced in 1950. Six of these shrubs came in a cellophane bag, with 12 bags in a dealer box, labeled BS-6. In 1957 Bachmann would change the number of this shrub to 1030. As with most of the items that were released in 1950, the piece is common, but the dealer box is not. And is this case, even the cellophane bag is rare, if you’re lucky to find one that has not disintegrated with age. This scarcity is directly attributed to the many dealers who discarded the manufacturer’s packaging, dumped these pieces into bins, and sold them from there.
We have original Limited Quantities of the KELLY GREEN version of this Shrub.
In addition, just to complicate things a bit more, there are two types of cellophane bag. The first is just a clear bag, and the second has a green and white design on it. These shrubs can also be found in other Plasticville kits, like the HY-6 House & Yard Accessories Unit and the 1406 Playground Equipment.

BS-6 Shrubs Bag
King Distributing Does Shrubs
King Distributing Tan ShrubKing Distributing Dark Brown ShrubKing Distributing Brown ShrubKing Distributing White Shrub

With their release of the Apartment House and the Apartment House Add-a-floor in 1985, KING DISTRIBUTING had intended to release different colored shrubs with these kits. This didn’t happen. Perhaps this was because of the disparity in the quantities of these kits that were produced and the amount of shrubs that were available. There were many more kits than there were shrubs, only 900 of each color shrub was produced.

Shrubs of a Different Color
Jack and Jill Yellow ShrubJack and Jill Red ShrubJack and Jill Light Blue Shrub

Bachmann would produce this shrub in different colors, but to find them you have to travel from "Plasticville" to "Storytown." With the "Storytown U.S.A." releases between 1957 and 1959, Bachmann would use many of the items it produced as "Plasticville" for this series of toys that were ahead of their time. The "Jack and Jill" kit would come with one each of these colored shrubs.
None of these shrubs are reproduced and all colors are needed to complete kits.

5012 Storytown Jack and Jill Box

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