House & Yard Accessories Unit Box House & Yard Accessories Unit Box Interior

This kit was one of the early "Master Units" and was cataloged in 1952 and 1953 only. Many of the items that were included in this kit were available separately beginning with the Cape Cod House in 1948 or 1949. In addition to the Cape Cod House, those that we have covered separately are linked in the parts listing below.

Like the Cape Cod's, houses that are found in this unit that have very light factory glue stains around the windows and the doors are highly prised by collectors today.

As is indicative of all "Master Units," there is a separately contained divider within the larger box. In this case it is a box that contains the small parts of this kit. This box is illustrated above, and a larger example of the box is shown below.

As usual, it is most often the smaller parts that are missing from this kit. We’ve illustrated and listed the parts that are needed to make this kit complete below.

House & Yard Accessories Unit  

House & Yard Accessories Unit Parts
The parts that comprise this kit are:
  1. Front House Wall
  2. Rear House Wall
  3. Roof Section
  4. Roof Section (reversed)
  5. Side House Wall (w/door)
  6. Side House Wall
  7. Fence Section (11 each)
  8. Gate Section
  9. Spruce Tree (2 parts)
10. Chimney
11. Barbecue
12. Bench (2 each)
13. Shrub (3 each)
The parts that are most often missing are the Chimney 10, the Benches 12, and the Shrubs 13. The chimney is identical to what was used on the Suburban Station and has been reproduced. The bench has also been reproduced. We have original Limited Quantities of the Shrub.

House & Yard Accessories Unit Interior Box

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