TR-6, 1001

This tree was first available in 1950 under the designation TR-6. It was sold in dealer boxes of one dozen under this designation until 1956, when the 1001 production number was released. It appeared in many of the Master Units beginning with the HU-7 House Unit of 1952.

This tree was formed out of two different sections that slide together. These individual sections are illustrated to the right. Sometimes these sections are very difficult to separate once they are mated together.

Spruce Tree open bottom sectionSpruce Tree stand section

Color Variations

The Spruce Tree was issued in three different colors. The LIGHT GREEN and the DARK GREEN varieties are relatively easy to locate, but the WHITE tree is very difficult to find. All three color variations are shown to the right.

Light Green Spruce TreeDark Green Spruce TreeWhite Spruce Tree  

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