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1406 Playground Equipment Box

First released in 1957, this is another set of accessories that is hard to complete. The colors of this kit are SALMON and YELLOW. The only variation has these colors reversed. The "Table with Umbrella" was always colored BRIGHT GREEN and YELLOW or these colors are reversed. The colors of all these parts are unique to this kit. However, Bachmann would produce some of these parts in the School House Scenic Classic in different colors. Illustrated and listed below are the parts that comprise this kit.

Playground Equipment Parts

The parts needed to complete this kit are:

  1. Swing Set with two movable swings
  2. Table with separate umbrella (see below)
  3. Chair (2 each)
  4. Teeter-totter (see-saw)
  5. Bench (2 each)
  6. Swimming Pool with paper "water" insert
  7. Merry-go-round (2 pieces)
  8. Slide
  9. Shrub (3 each)
10. Chase Lounge (2 each)

What is always broken is the tip of the stand that holds the "umbrella" to the "table" (Part No. 2). The only parts that have been reproduced are the Bench 5 and the Swimming Pool Insert 6. We have original Limited Quantities of the Shrub 9.
The current issue of the School House has some of these parts that are cast in entirely different colors.

Playground Equipment Umbrella & Stand

Playground Equipment Umbrella and Stand

The Playground Equipment Umbrella and Stand is composed of two pieces: the stand and pole, and the umbrella that sits on top of pole. This is the piece that is most often found broken in this set. The tip of the pole (note the arrow in the picture to the left) is what is always broken. Without this tip the umbrella will still sit on top of the pole, but it is free to move and will not always stay in a proper position.

There is no replacement part for the umbrella stand and finding an unbroken one can be difficult because supply is limited to what can be found in existing kits.

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