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45980 (current)
1907 Apartment House Box 1963/45963 Apartment House Box 0500 King Apartment House Box 45980 Silver Series Box 45980 Current Issue Box

First issued in 1958, the Apartment House is a former LITTLETOWN structure that was never released. When it was released as Plasticville, it came in only one color configuration with TAN walls, WHITE & MAROON roof and trim.
In 1987, Bachmann issued kit No. 1963, which had RED walls with BUFF roof and trim. These colors were first used two years earlier when King Distributing produced the Apartment House under license from Bachmann. A total of 3,500 of these colors were produced. But King also made the Apartment House in the rarer BROWN walls and BUFF roof and trim variation. Only 1,500 of these units were manufactured.
Shown below are the most frequently missing or broken parts that are contained in this kit, all of which we currently need.

Apartment House Second Floor Front Wall Balcony

Second Floor Balcony
This balcony attaches to the upper story front wall with two pins located where the arrows are pointing. These pins need to be intact for the balcony to stay in place without the use of glue. I need this MAROON colored piece with unbroken pins. There is no reproduction part available at this time.

Apartment House Television Antenna

Television Antenna
Two of these white antennas mount on the roof of the Apartment House. They are often missing. Reproductions are not made of this part.

Apartment House Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge
Bachmann made this is lounge in other colors but the one that goes with the Apartment House is WHITE. This piece is often missing and hasn’t been reproduced

Apartment House Chair

Bachmann made this is chair in other colors but the one that goes with the Apartment House is WHITE. This chair is often missing and hasn’t been reproduced. Both of these pieces were placed on the roof.

Common Fault
Shown to the right is a close-up picture of the front wall of the Apartment House. There are four connecting points (holes) for the double-door entry to this structure and pictured is the lower left hole. Sometimes when the entry is not inserted properly, or the doors are installed after the entry is inserted on the wall, it will cause undue stress upon the delicate lower connection that bridges the gap of the entry doors and associated vestibule.
Collectors should examine the front wall for this fault and always use caution when inserting the front doorway piece into the front wall.

Common Fault - Damaged Front Wall

45980 Apartment House Silver Series Box45980 Apartment House Current Issue BoxCurrent Issue Apartment House
The current issue of the Apartment House comes in BROWN with CREAM trim colors that distinguishes it from the older issues. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45980 Apartment House Current Issue

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