1629, 1810,
5629 (bagged)
1629 & 1810 Bungalow Box

The Bungalow was first issued by Bachmann in 1962 in an attractive two piece box with the designation 1629. The number was changed to 1810 in 1967, but the box remained the same. Often confused with the more common "Cape Cod House," this bungalow is easily distinguished by the gable over the front door, and by the "slots" on sides of the walls that hold them together.

The Littletown Bungalow

This structure was originally made by Littletown and is illustrated to the left. Bachmann added the front porch lights to make this home more attractive. This part is not available as a reproduction and neither is the fence that came with this house. We’ve illustrated the problem with the fence below. The Plasticville version of this house has WHITE walls, and is usually found with a CHARCOAL roof, but there is also a color variation with a GREEN roof that is rarer (illustrated to the right).

The Plasticville Bungalow
1908 Split Level House Porch and Garage Lights

Bungalow Front Porch Lights
There are two of these lights in this kit that mount on both sides of the front door and they are the smallest parts in the kit. This is also why they are often missing. There is no reproduction of this part. Also used on the Split Level House.

Bungalow Fence

Bungalow Fence
There are two "pins" that hold this fence in an upright position that are located at each end. In the illustration to the left the arrows are pointing at these "pins." These are easily broken and this piece is not available for sale as a reproduction.


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