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The Santa Fe Dash-8

The Santa Fe Dash-8 headed up this really nice set in 1990. It came equipped with two motors, magna-traction, flashing warning light on the cab roof, and an engineer in the window. "RAIL SOUNDS tm," were located in the newly designed refrigerator car and could be activated remotely from the transformer. All of the cars came with die-cast sprung trucks. The Santa Fe refrigerator car came with an "E.T.D." (end of train device) which IMHO was not needed. After all, what is a train set without a caboose! So I added one on this rule from the first "Famous American Railroad Series tm," released in 1979 by MPC. Smiley GIF (7K)

The Inebriated Express

The Inebriated Express wasn’t a set that Lionel produced. But, beginning in 1973 and continuing for four years, MPC made a series of billboard refrigerated cars with the emblems of many of the major beer companies of the time. These cars are headed up here by the "Chessie System" gold GP-7 that was made only in 1973 and is rare. GIF (7K)

The North Coast Limited

The North Coast Limited was produced in 1990 as two separate items. The locomotive was the same casting as the "post war" 2037 with only a change in the boiler front. Grab rails have been added to the tender. The cars could be ordered separately and are remakes the classic 027 "post war" 2400 series. They were changed in the way that the parts fit together. No longer could you take the roof off from the top. LTI added a baggage, baggage combination car and painted it all up in Northern Pacific livery to create this really nice set. GIF (7K)

The Tobacco Road

The Tobacco Road exceeded "The Inebriated Express" in what would be called today being "politically incorrect." Produced between 1976 and 1978 MPC emblazoned these box cars with some of the more famous names of tobacco manufacturers. I don’t think that today it would pass muster since tobacco advertising is severely restricted. The cars are led here by "The Rock" NW-2 which was made only two years. GIF (6K)

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The Chicago and Illinois Midland Set came as two separate order items in the 1992 Sears catalog. One of the rarer SD-9 diesels produced by LTI it came with its own plexiglass display case and is very hard to find today. The box cars were sequentially numbered 16021 to 16023. GIF (5K)

The Atlantic Coast Line Passenger Set

The Atlantic Coast Line Passenger Set was introduced in 1996. Pulled by a colorful F-3 diesel, it was equipped with "Railsounds II" tm that featured digitized sound samples from the prototype. It also came with "Trainmaster Registered Command Control," although it would also operate from traditional power sources. To obtain the whole set it was necessary to purchase the cars separately. The cars were finished in distinctive chrome. GIF (5K)

The Milwaukee Road SD-18

The Milwaukee Road SD-18 was the first of its kind and was added to the Lionel diesel roster in 1978. Lionel called this set the "Milwaukee Limited" and it was their top of the line set for that year. All of the cars featured die-cast sprung trucks. The Milwaukee Road engine and all of the cars were made only this year and are scarce. GIF (7K)

Fallen Flag Series: The Nickel Plate Road

Fallen Flag Series: The Nickel Plate Road was produced in 1992. The dummy GP-7 unit was equipped with "RAIL SOUNDS tm," and the set came with a volume control and button to turn this feature off (should the noise get to you). Smiley All of the cars came with die-cast sprung trucks, and the caboose came with a smoke unit, a rear flashing warning light, and a tool box that opened. GIF (7K)

The Challenger

The Challenger THE UNION PACIFIC Railroad fielded more than 100 4-6-6-4 Challenger-type locomotives built by Alco between 1936 and 1943. The railroad retired the last of these big engines from regular service by 1961. Forty years later Lionel would offer this version of one of the two remaining Challengers. Equipped with Trainmaster Registered Command Control, Odyssey System Registered Speed Control, Railsounds tm, and dual flywheel motors, this engine is a shining example of modern Lionel motive power! GIF (17K)

The Daylight

"The Daylight" was indicative of how far MPC had progressed during the latter years of its tenure of Lionel trains. Taking the mouldings of the "Post War" Norfolk & Western Class J and applying a new boiler front and streamlining the cowlings they created a credible version of one of the most colorful trains ever: The Southern Pacific’s Daylight express that ran daily between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The paint was simply gorgeous and even collectors who didn’t collect the "Modern Era" of Lionel wanted one. Wow! Smiley GIF (5K)

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