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If your site is about trains or model railroading you are eligible for consideration to be a recipient of The Green Light Award. Anyone may nominate a site for the award but it must be either a train or model railroad site.

We are no longer accepting applications for this award

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The Purpose of The Green Light Award Program

In the last 22 years that I’ve been on the net, I’ve seen just a few pages devoted to trains (mainly on University servers) expand into a wide variety of types and forms (not all of them good) about this subject. To make your own quality web site is a difficult and intensive process for any author, and recognition that is received for this stressful job is minimal. The Green Light Award Program recognizes website creators who have built extraordinary sites on the web about trains or their model variants.

As with most award programs we do have criteria that must be met. This criteria has been set by the administrator (that’s me) of this award program. The criteria can be found on the "Qualifications" and "Grading Criteria" pages of this program. Please read the criteria. If your site meets the qualifications and you feel you have a site that you would like me to visit, apply for the award.

It is our desire to promote private or commercial web sites which represent a high standard in creativity. The Green Light Award was not created to increase traffic, or the amount of entries in a guestbook, nor is it designed to promote any products. The criteria that is used for judging these pages are not to dictate, or mandate, any particular design for your pages, but they shall, hopefully, provide you with hints as to how many points you can expect to receive in applying for this award.

The support of other people, who through their award programs, have always been an important part of my site’s growth. The encouragement that is offered, and the knowledgeable suggestions given through site to site award programs is still very much appreciated to this day. The Green Light Award Program, along with others like it that exist across the net, are dedicated to helping others make the Internet a fun and healthy place for people of all ages to visit.

The Green Light Award Program Administrator
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Railroad Award SitesThe editors are grateful to Jerry Hartzler for allowing us to base some of the Green Light Award on his Smokin’ Award Trade Marked AP. Although our awards are somewhat similar, the criteria to win each of our respective awards is different, and our award programs are not associated in any way with each other save through links and affiliations. Take a look at his, and other railroad award sites by clicking on the banner to the right.

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