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Golden Web Award

"The Golden Web Award" is a service of The International Association of Web Masters and Designers and is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.

City Station Silver Award

Nashua City Station is the home of the four tiered "City Station Award." An applicant’s site is graded using a point system outlined on the award page. A total of 105 points can be earned, 10 points for meeting the minimum criteria, 20 points for construction and navigation each, 25 for design, another 25 for Content and five additional bonus points for impressing the webmaster. Winners of the City Station Award are prominently listed. The City Station Award shown, features a Concord Railroad (predecessor of the Boston & Maine) locomotive sitting in front of the Nashua roundhouse.

The Smokin' Award at smokin.kvrr.net

"The Smokin’ Award" was created as a resource for both award seekers and rail fans alike. For the rail-master seeking an award, web sites are evaluated using the criteria listed and may be awarded a Bronze, Silver, or Gold award. For the rail fan, the Smokin’ Award provides a winners list of quality informative award-winning sites for your viewing pleasure.

TrainNet Web Gem Award

The coveted "Web Gem Award" is bestowed on railroad oriented web sites that meet or exceed the minimum criteria and have been recommended by the site’s webmaster (or designer) or the users and staff of TrainNet.org. All railroad oriented web sites, personal or corporate, are eligible to receive the Web Gem Award. About this site "TrainNet" said, "Your ‘horizontal rules’ concept is so unique and interesting that (going by the reactions from the TrainNet.org staff) even people who aren’t model railroaders, much less Lionel or AF fans, are fascinated and intrigued by the concept."

This Award Is No Longer Active

The "Deco Website Award" was created by the Britannic Technology Web Masters and Designers and is presented to sites whose website design and originality deserve their award. This is a four tiered award as listed below:
You need 75-99 points to win The GOLD DECO
You need 50-75 points to win The SILVER DECO
You need 25-50 points to win The BRONZE DECO
You need 10-25 points to win The MERIT DECO

Arlana's Corner Award

"Arlana’s Corner" offers five awards: Web Page Excellence - The Site must be well designed and well organized; Beautiful Web site - Site should have eye-pleasing design and appealing graphics; Fun Site - Site should be enjoyable, with fun things to do or see; Cool Site - Will depend on the site, no set criteria; and, Great Site - Will depend on the Site, no set Criteria.

Doc Jim's Brite Lite Award

"Doc Jim’s Brite Lite Award" is given to sites that add an enlightened presence to the Web. Although design is essential to any good site, applicants are judged on a "feel good" content rather than on strict HTML coding. Award sites must be family friendly and must be in English, or have an English translation.

Monon Outstanding Web Achievement Award

"The Monon Outstanding Web Achievement Award" was awarded to any site that is interesting, informative or just plain fun to surf. Although this award program’s host site has moved and is still on the net, the award itself has been discontinued.

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