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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Lionel Trains Girder Bridge Flat Car No. 6502LIONEL TRAINS GIRDER BRIDGE FLAT CAR No. 6502

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Lionel Trains Girder Bridge Flat Car No. 6502

Lionel Trains Girder Bridge Flat Car No. 6502The Girder Bridge Car No. 6502 is indicative of how chaotic was the production during the beginning of the sixth decade of production at Lionel. Although this car was produced in 1962 it shows up in the advance catalog of 1963. These feature stripped cars are usually found with a 6511-2 mold that mounted Arch-bar trucks with solid non-operating couplers.

This car was never offered for separate sale and was only issued in set No. 11201 (1962) and No. 11415 (1963 Advance Catalog). It is listed in the Lionel Service Manual as No. 6502 (10-62) and as No. 6502-50 (5-63) and indicate that the load should be an ORANGE girder bridge. There is no number on the car or the load. The ORANGE girder bridge was undecorated and is easily switched. It was held in place by a No. 6418-9 elastic band.

There are three variations:
Variation A: Is found in a number of different shades of BLUE chassis that used mold 3330-3. There is no number on this car, nor is there a "LIONEL" inscription on the sides. No brake wheel. Believed to be the 6205-50 production from 1963 as specified in the Lionel Service Manual 5-63.

Variation B: RED chassis that uses mold 6511-2. Found both with and without the "LIONEL" heat-stamped inscription on the car sides. Also, found both with and without a brake wheel. Arch-Bar trucks define the difference between this car and No. 6409-25.
Variation C: BLACK chassis that uses mold 6511-2 that came with Arch-Bar trucks. This is the color of this car that is shown in the 1962 catalog. Heat-stamped "LIONEL" on the car sides. Came with a brake wheel. 1962 production as detailed in the Lionel Service Manual 10/62.

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