TP-5, 1000, 1630
1931 (w/Signs)
5000 (bagged)
45989 (current issue)
1630 Telephone Poles Box Type 1 1630 Telephone Poles Box Type 2 1931 Signs & Telephone Poles Box 45989 Signs & Telephone Poles Silver Series Box

45989 Current Issue Signs & Telephone Poles

The Telephone Pole was first introduced in 1950 and was sold initially to dealers in boxes of one dozen under the number TP-5. In 1957, the dealer box number was changed to 1000, but it was otherwise identical to the TP-5. These poles were issued in a bag that would hang from a dealer’s rack in 1963 under the No. 5000. 1975 saw the introduction of the two-piece 1630 Type 1 box, and in 1981, the number 1931 was issued with a set of Signs. The No. 5000 that still has the poles in the bag and the 1630 Type 1 box are the most difficult to locate.
The current issue also combines these poles with the Signs.
While the telephone pole is common, the dealer box that contained them is rare. This box is illustrated below. Common faults that are found are missing insulators on the arms and broken or cracked bases.

There are four known color variations of the telephone pole and these are shown below. The BROWN colored pole on the left is the most common and is easily found. Recent issues of the telephone pole are LIGHT BROWN in color.
The other colors: WHITE, RED, & BLACK are much harder to locate and we are always looking for these colored poles.

TP-5 Dealer Box
Telephone Poles Color VariationsMarx Telephone Poles
Brown Telephone Pole White Telephone Pole Red Telephone Pole Black Telephone Pole

Plasticville - Marx Telephone Pole Comparison
Telephone Poles that were made by Marx are often confused with those that are Plasticville. The Marx poles are larger with an overall height of seven inches and the Plasticville poles are one inch shorter. Shown above is a comparison picture of the top of the respective telephone poles. Note the larger wire terminals on the Marx pole. To the right is illustrated the difference in the way that Marx poles mounted to the table. While the Plasticville poles had two holes for mounting, the Marx poles had two slots in the side of the base 180 degrees apart (note the arrow).

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