1100 (not made)
1405, 1931
45989 (new issue)
12-A Road Signs Box 12-A Road Signs Box Insert 1405 Railroad & Street Signs 1931 Signs & Telephone Poles 45989 Signs & Telephone Poles Current Issue Box
Street Signs

Introduced in 1952, these "Street Signs" came in a one piece box designated by the No. 12-A. We’ve found numerous examples of errors on these signs where insufficient plastic was injected into the mold causing the stand at the bottom to be malformed.

In 1957, Bachmann added these 12 railroad signs to the "Street Signs," and housed them in a new two piece box numbered 1405.
Railroad Signs

Subsequent issues of this combination would include these signs with the addition of 12 Telephone Poles in kits No. 1931 and No. 45989.
45989 Current Issue Signs & Telephone Poles

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