SW-2, 1402,
1631, 1814, 1951
(w/Signal Bridge),
5402 (bagged)
SW-2 Switch Tower Box 1402 Switch Tower Box 1631 Switch Tower Box 1814 Switch Tower Box 1951 Switch Tower & Signal Bridge Box
The Plasticville Switch Tower

First found along the Plasticville right-of-way in 1954, the Switch Tower has proved to be very popular. It was initially released under the number SW-2, but two years later the colorful 1402 one piece box was issued. The two piece boxes numbered 1631 and 1814 followed. The poly-bag version No. 5402 was issued in 1963, and this is where the MARBLED version originated. In 1989, it was issued with the Signal Bridge under the number 1951.
There is a common fault that is found in the Switch Tower. Often the walls have been chipped at the top where the roof joins the structure, as is illustrated to the right. This is caused by improper dis-assembly of the building.
We’ve illustrated the "Sign-Less" variation and other common faults that are found in the parts of this structure below. These problems make this one of hardest Plasticville structures to find in complete fault-free condition.

Common Fault Text
Note the chipped upper right corner that is indicated by the arrow
Switch Tower Stairway

Switch Tower Stairway

The stairway that goes on the side wall of the switch tower was moulded in GRAY, DARK GRAY, BROWN, and DARK BROWN colors. It is often found with the one or more of the three mounting pins missing. These pin locations are indicated by the arrows. Often the railing is also found broken. This part has not been reproduced.

Switch Tower Platform

Switch Tower Platform

This platform that sits at the base of the switch tower is often found with broken pins. Their location is indicated by the arrows. It was made in LIGHT GRAY, DARK GRAY, BROWN, and DARK BROWN colors.
The DARK BROWN, LIGHT GRAY, and DARK GRAY colors of this piece have been reproduced.

Switch Tower Stack

Switch Tower Roof Stack
This roof stack is often missing from this structure. It is available in GRAY, DARK GRAY, BROWN, and DARK BROWN colors as a reproduction part.

Switch Tower Roof Signs

Switch Tower Roof Signs
These "Plasticville Junction" roof signs that are moulded in plastic are often missing from this structure. They were made in GRAY, and BROWN colors and neither of these colors have been reproduced.

Switch Tower "Signless" Variation The No. 5402 MARBLED Variation

1814 Switch Tower Signless Variation
The No. 1814 version of the switch tower, and set (with the Signal Bridge) No. 1951, did not come with "Plasticville Junction" signs on the roof, and the slots that held them on the roof have been filled in. The GRAY roof, above left, has the slots for these signs and the BROWN roof on the right is the "Signless Variation." These "Signless Variations" of the switch tower are more difficult to find.

The 5402 Marbled Switch Tower

The No. 5402 was issued in 1963 in bags that were suitable for hanging from a retailer’s rack.

Like the other bagged structures, what made these versions unique was the MARBLED plastic. The walls were GRAY/BLACK and the platform, roof & stairway was BROWN/BLACK or these colors were reversed (shown to the left).

This is the most difficult version of the switch tower to find, especially with the "Plasticville Junction" signs that were also MARBLED.

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