SG-2 (not manufactured),
SG-3, 1403, 1632, 1815,
1951 (w/Switch Tower), 5403 (bagged),
45623 (current)
SG-3 Signal Bridge Box 1403 Signal Bridge Box 1403 & 1632 Signal Bridge Box 1815 Signal Bridge Box
Signal Bridge Parts

When Bachmann came out with this bridge in 1954 it was the most delicate kit they had offered to date. Which is why the kit came with assembly instructions. All of the parts for this bridge are easily lost or broken, which makes obtaining one intact a challenge. The bagged 5403 and the 1403 box with the painting on it are difficult to find.
Signal Bridge Parts
The parts that are required to complete this kit are:
1. Upright Base (2 each)
2. Bridge Side & Handrail (2 each)
3. Top Walkway
4. Bridge Bottom
5. Upright (2 each)
6. Signal Head (2 each)
7. Signal Head Bracket (2 each)
8. Signal Head Lenses (8 each different colors)
We’ve seen kits where every single part has been either broken or was missing.

Signal Bridge Common Fault
Signal Bridge Common Fault

Shown to the left is a common fault that is found with the Signal Bridge. The mounting pins for the uprights fit very tightly into their foundations. If care is not taken in disassembly they will break. Note the arrow in the picture pointing to where the missing mounting pin has broken off in the foundation.

Neither the upright base or the upright have been reproduced and supply is limited to what can be found in existing kits.

45623 Signal Bridge Silver Issue Box 45623 Signal Bridge Current Issue Box

Current Issue Signal Bridge

The current issue of the Signal Bridge comes in a SILVER color that distinguishes it from the older issues. This color has never been used on this piece before. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45623 Signal Bridge Current Issue

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