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Introduced in 1955, the bank remains one of the more sought after structures on Plasticville’s "Main Street." The reason for this is that it is an impressive building and it is also hard to obtain completely intact. The canopy pins are almost always broken, as is illustrated below, and the red base lights next to the front door are also often missing or broken.

In 1987, when Bachmann reissued this kit under the No. 1960, the lights had a white base and the lettering on the front wall was no longer painted red.

The 1801 one-piece box is the most sought after by collectors.

The Plasticville Bank Gray Variation
Bank Component Parts

The Parts needed to complete this structure are:

1. Front Wall
2. Right Side Wall
3. Left Side Wall
4. Rear Wall
5. Roof
6. Drive-up Canopy
7. Front Door Canopy
8. Front Lights (2 each)
9. Front Doors

Often the walls are found cracked on this building due to the thin plastic. Another problem is with the front door 9, that is sometimes missing, or the catches that hold it in place are worn. Bachmann would use this same door on other structures like the Factory and the Large Super Market.
We’ve shown larger illustrations of the other problem parts below.

Bank Drive-up Canopy

Bank Drive-up Canopy
There is a reproduction of this commonly broken piece. It is always the same problem with the mounting pins being broken.

Bank Front Door Canopy

Bank Front Door Canopy
Like the "Drive-up Canopy" there is a reproduction for this part that often is missing the pins where the arrows are pointing.

Bank Color Variation

Bank Color Variation

Seen here is a variation in the color of a portion of the back wall of the bank. The BLUE/GRAY color seen on the left is more difficult to find the GRAY color that is illustrated on the right.

Bank Front Lights

Bank Front Lights

These are often missing or broken. Initially, the lights had a RED base, but in 1987, when Bachmann reissued this kit under the No. 1960, the lights had a WHITE base. These parts are reproduced.

The King Plasticville Bank

The King Plasticville Bank
In 1984, for only the second time, Bachmann allowed the Plasticville name to be released and distributed by another company. KING DISTRIBUTING produced limited quantities of seven different Plasticville structures between 1984 and 1986. "The Bank" was the last of these to be manufactured. Only 5,000 of these were made. 2,500 were colored TAN with a GREEN roof and canopies, and 2,500 were GREEN with a TAN roof and canopies (illustrated). All of these issues were contained in a strong corrugated box to prevent damage to the contents. Because of the different colors of these issues all of these King "Collectors Series Banks" are in demand today.

spacer 0700 King Bank Box

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