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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Lionel Trains Lubricating and Maintenance Kit No. 927 LIONEL TRAINS LUBRICATING AND MAINTENANCE KIT No. 927

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Lionel Trains Lubricating and Maintenance Kit No. 927 Lionel Trains Lubricating and Maintenance Kit No. 927 Box

Lionel Trains Lubricating and Maintenance Kit No. 927The Lubricating & Maintenance Kit No. 927 was available from 1950 until 1959, and consisted of the following items:
Can of Track Cleaning Solvent
A Vial of Lubricating Oil
A Small Acid Brush
Six Emery Boards
A Tube of Lubricant
Two Wood Cleaning Sticks
A Wooden Smoke Pellet Tamper
Wiping Cloth with hemmed edges

These items were held in place by a card stock insert located in the interior of the box. This attractive box has a fold-over flap that latches closed. This kit is rarely found with all of the contents complete and intact. It sometimes came with an instruction booklet No. 927-14 (No. 927-19 in 1956) that was issued with these kits during 1950, 1951 until 1954, and also in 1956. Editions of these booklets are determined by the copyright date that is printed on them. This booklet was never housed in the lid of the box as is illustrated in the yearly catalogs, but was simply placed inside on top of the contents.
The only known variation of this kit that is observed is the change in the can of the track cleaning fluid explained below.
The track cleaner in the early issued kits (No. 927-3 pictured above) is flammable and should not be used with the No. 3927 Track Cleaning Car because of the fire hazard. The cleaner that should be used with this unit was available in kit No. 928 and was also sold separately under the No. 3927-75. With the introduction of this car in 1956, Lionel would no longer sell this set with the flammable cleaner and instead substituted the DARK BLUE lithographed cans (No. 3927-75) beginning in 1956.

Note: We strongly urge you not to use this Lubricant in either the two ounce No. 925-1, or this smaller ½ ounce tube No. 926-2 on your Lionel equipment. This grease becomes solid with heat and age and interferes with the proper running of Lionel engines.
We recommend the fine products made by Labelle.

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