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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Lionel Trains Locomotive No. 675 LIONEL TRAINS LOCOMOTIVE No. 675

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Lionel Trains Locomotive No. 675 Variation D

Lionel Trains Locomotive No. 675The Prairie Type 2-6-2 Locomotive No. 675 was based on the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Class K-4 Pacific locomotive. However, Lionel left off one of the leading truck axles that was on the prototype, which is why their version of this locomotive is classed as a "Prairie." Lionel would not produce a 4-6-2 Pacific locomotive during the post-war years.
This locomotive did not have Magnetraction and early versions of this locomotive came with "Baldwin Discs" that had nickel rims for the driving wheels. These wheels had the "Baldwin" name embossed on them. All of the early issues had a No. 2466W or No. 2466WX tender that had rear deck handrails and staple-end trucks with electronic couplers. Although the three digit number of this engine designates it for use with O Gauge track, it will also run on O27 radius curves. There are seven variations of this locomotive:
Variation A: The "675" number is heat-stamped on the boiler front keystone in SILVER, unpainted aluminum smoke stack and came with a No. 2466W tender that is rubber-stamped "LIONEL LINES." (1947)

Variation B: Has a RED and GOLD keystone on the boiler front that is numbered "5690" and the number "675" is heat-stamped on the side of the cab, and the smoke stack is made out of aluminum. (1947)
Variation C: Has the number "5690" in GOLD on a RED decal on the boiler front, and came with a BLACK smoke stack. (1947)
Variation D: This variation is similar to Variation C, but would boast a redesigned pilot with a simulated front coupler and has a BLACK smoke stack that is considerable smaller than the SILVER aluminum ones. (1948)

No. 6466W Box End

Variation E: Has intertwined "PRR" lettering on the front keystone. (1948)
Variation F: This variation is the same as Variation E, but has a No. 6466WX tender with magnetic couplers. (1949)
Variation G: This variation was issued in 1952, during the Korean War, and does not have Magnetraction. Nor does it have the "Baldwin Disc" driving wheels that were on the previous issues. The main driving wheels are spoked, there is a four wheeled stamped sheet metal trailing truck, and it came with a No. 2046W tender that had bar-end trucks with one magnetic coupler. This variation is slightly harder to find.

No. 675 Box End
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