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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Pickles Vat Car No. 6475 Variation A

The Lionel Vat CarsThe Pickles Vat Car No. 6475 was produced from 1960 until 1962 on an unpainted TAN body with GREEN heat-stamped lettering on the sides. The four unpainted YELLOW vats have RED heat-stamped "PICKLES" and rubber-stamped BLACK hoops and staves painted on them. Sometimes these vats appear to have BROWN hoops and staves because Lionel did not have enough BLACK paint on the stamp when these markings were applied.
These cars are often found with broken steps that are molded into the corners of the body. Usually came with early AAR trucks with disc couplers, although other combinations have been found.
There are five variations:

No. 6475 Box End

Variation A: Roof is painted a LIGHT BROWN color.
Variation B: Roof is painted a DARK BROWN color.
Variation C: The vats have "PICKLES" imprinted on them but there are no hoops or staves. See Variation E for more information about this version.

Pickles Vat Car No. 6475 Variation C

Variation D: Was created by an entrepreneurial dealer in the Mid-west during the late 1960’s. It is believed that not more than 70 of these cars were created that were sold in an effort to eliminate dormant stock. The "Heinz" labels were professionally printed and applied over the existing labels on the car. While the label printing was good, there are inconsistencies in the printing resulting in different shades of green and the pickles displayed on these labels. Documented in Greenberg’s Volume V - Rare and Unusual, this car is imminently collectible as a curiosity.

Variation E: During 1963 and 1964 Lionel used up existing unfinished stock of this car in uncataloged sets. They did not bother with rubber-stamping the YELLOW vat bins with BLACK hoops and staves. In addition, in the example shown below, they did not stamp "PICKLES" on the vats for these cars that were included in economically priced uncataloged sets. Documented in Greenberg’s Volume VII - Selected Variations.

Pickles Vat Car No. 6475 Variation D
Pickles Vat Car No. 6475 Variation E
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