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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Lionel Trains Automobile Flat Car No. 6424LIONEL TRAINS AUTOMOBILE CAR No. 6424

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Automobile Car No. 6424 A Variation
Automobile Car No. 6424 B Variation

Lionel Trains Automobile Flat Car No. 6424The Automobile Car No. 6424 was available from 1956 until 1959. It came with two of the premium automobiles that were colored either RED, TURQUOISE, WHITE or YELLOW. There are five variations of this car that has the number to either the left or the right of the heat stamped "LIONEL" inscription on the side. Lionel created the 6424-11 chassis for this car, however, examples have been found that also use the earlier 6511-2 mold. Early issues had the superstructure that held the cars in place attached by the same screw that held the truck plates to the chassis. These early issues had bar-end trucks usually with tabbed couplers, while the later versions had early AAR trucks with disc couplers.

No. 6424 Box End

To see the details concerning the automobiles that were used on this car see No. 6414 Auto-Loader Car.
Variation A:
Used 6424-11 chassis with truck mounting plates that also held the superstructure in place. Came with bar-end trucks with or without tabs. 6424 number to the right of the "LIONEL" inscription on the side. Produced in 1956 and 1957.

Variation B: Same as Variation A except that the AAR trucks are riveted to the truck mounting plates. Number to the right of the "LIONEL" inscription. Produced in late 1957 and early 1958. Lionel was using up the first run of these cars but adding their new AAR trucks.
Variation C: AAR trucks are riveted directly to the 6511-2 chassis. The superstructure is held to the chassis in the same fashion. Slots for the truck mounting plates and the ends have been filled in. Number to the left of the "LIONEL" inscription on the sides. Found in Classic boxes that are marked 6424-60 and 6424-80 with premium RED and WHITE cars. Production began in late 1958.

No. 6424-60 Box End

Variation D: When Lionel modified the 6424-11 mold for this variation it was because this was necessary to produce the No. 6805 Atomic Energy Disposal Car. The result was that where previously the truck mounting plate slots were held was filled in, and here Lionel cast in rail stops at the ends of this car that were used to hold the rails necessary for powering the radioactive waste disposal canisters. Additional slots in the car chassis were needed to hold these rails and the mold for the chassis was altered for this purpose.
Any production of this car that was produced during the period that the No. 6805 was in production, 1958-59, has these rail end bumps.

Note the two rail stops from the No. 6805 chassis mold

These cars came in an ORANGE picture box that was numbered 6424-110. This is a hard variation to find. Produced only in 1958 and 1959.
Variation E: Identical to Variation D except the 6424-11 mold was modified where the truck mounting plate slots once fitted at the ends of the chassis, and the rail stops that were used for the No. 6805 were eliminated, however the rail mounting slots along the length of the flat car body were retained. Examples have been found where it appears that there was no superstructure installed to hold the cars.
Note: This car has been found in a RED chassis color, but all of these have been identified as fraudulent.

No. 6424-110 Variation D Box End
No. 6424 Top View
No. 6424 Bold Late Classic Box End
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