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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Lionel Trains Goose Neck Lamp Post No. 58 LIONEL TRAINS GOOSE NECK LAMP POST No. 58

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Lionel Trains Goose Neck Lamp Post No. 58

Lionel Trains Goose Neck Lamp Post No. 58The Goose Neck Lamp Post No. 58 was available from 1946 until 1950. Made from die-cast metal it is very fragile. Used a frosted light No. L1441WA that was housed in a box numbered 39-3 that was usually sold separately with the lamp.

The best way to power this lamp is with an accessory circuit, especially one that has variable voltage that would allow for you to set an appropriate level of current.

No. 39-3 Tear Drop Light Box End

The Post War version of this light was colored IVORY, however, this lamp post was also issued during the Pre-war Era as early as 1922. The Pre-War lights were issued in ten colors, but are predominantly found in either a GREEN or MAROON color, and unlike the post war version, the pre-war varieties of this lamp post have feet on the base.

This lamp is powered from two binding posts located on the top of the base that is inscribed on the bottom "THE LIONEL CORP. / NEW YORK." There are no variations of this lamp during the post war period.
Dimensions: 7-1/2 inches high.

No. 58 Lamp Box End

Goose Neck Lamp Post No. 58 Base
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