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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Lionel Trains Extension Searchlight Car. No. 3650LIONEL TRAINS EXTENSION SEARCHLIGHT CAR No. 3650

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Extension Searchlight Car. No. 3650 B Variation
No. 3650 Picture Box End

Lionel Trains Extension Searchlight Car. No. 3650No. 3650 Cable Reel CrankThe Extension Searchlight Car No. 3650 was built on a cast metal depressed center chassis that is rubber-stamped in sans-serif lettering "3650 LIONEL LINES 3650" on the sides.

The GRAY searchlight housing was held in place on the car by a RED magnetic base, that could be placed beside the car as the cable was cranked out from the RED cable reel that was located in the center of the car.

The blackened metal crank that worked the cable reel is often missing and was normally held in a special hole that was drilled in the chassis on the generator side. This car came with two brake wheels, bar-end trucks equipped with tabbed couplers, and was available from 1956 until 1959.

There are three variations:

Variation A: has a LIGHT GRAY painted chassis.

Variation B: has a DARK GRAY painted chassis. This variation is harder to find.

Variation C: Similar to Variation A, but has a definite OLIVE tint to the painted chassis.

Extension Searchlight Car. No. 3650 A Variation
No. 3650 Top View - note the hand crank to the right of the cable reel
Instructions for insertion of Cable Form 1629
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