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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Lionel Trains Engine Transfer Table No. 350 LIONEL TRAINS ENGINE TRANSFER TABLE No. 350

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Lionel Trains Engine Transfer Table No. 350
Engine Transfer Table No. 350 Box Side

Lionel Trains Engine Transfer Table No. 350The Engine Transfer Table No. 350 consisted of a motorized track section that was fastened to a sheet metal base and would transfer an engine from one track to another. It would accommodate any of Lionel’s largest single power units, or one of the smaller switchers and a car. Two of these tables could be hooked together to accommodate larger multiple units. Lionel also offered the No. 350-50 Transfer Table Extension that would allow the table to traverse two additional tracks. Issued in a classic box, it is very difficult to find one today that has the box in good condition. For adapting these transfer table configurations for use it is very helpful to have Lionel’s Instruction Sheet No. 350-88 dated 11-57 that came with this accessory.

spacerNo. 350-50 Box End
Available beginning in 1957, Lionel would offer this accessory until 1960. The YELLOW controller’s structure on this table has a RED light on top. This table came with its own No. 350-200 Controller that have one RED and three YELLOW buttons. Even though this complex accessory was available for four years there are no variations.

No. 350-200 Controller

It also included a small parts kit in an envelope No. 350-89. These parts were used to mount the various types of track to the table. While these parts are not necessary for the table to operate, they are helpful in setting up a permanent installation of the transfer table.
Dimensions: 17-1/2 " long, 10-3/8" wide, 4" high.

No. 350 Side View
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