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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Chesapeake and Ohio GP-7 No. 2347

Lionel Trains GP-7 DieselsThe Lionel Chesapeake & Ohio GP-7 No. 2347 was produced for Sears in 1965 and was not shown in Lionel’s catalog for that year. BLUE painted body with YELLOW painted frame and heat-stamped lettering. It held common features of other GP-7’s produced during this time that included Magnatraction, horn, headlights and number boards and it was lighted at both ends that have magnetic couplers.
Note: Because of the rarity of this diesel forgeries exist. Most of these have used an existing body from a No. 2028 or No. 2328 because of the rubber-stamped lettering that was used on these units. Collectors should always look for the heat-stamped impressions that these stamps made on the plastic when they were manufactured. Most of these forgeries use silk-screened lettered bodies that are mounted on a repainted chassis. Collectors have noted that on this issue, even when found in mint condition, that the paint on the handrails look like they’ve been touched up. Another tip off as to a possible problem with authenticity is loose ornamental horns on the body sides. We urge caution in purchasing this diesel and always ask for return privileges.

No. 2347 Reproduction Box End

Reproduction boxes have been made for this issue. There are no variations. All of the Lionel GP-7 units will operate equally well on O Gauge as well as O27 Gauge track.

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