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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Lionel Trains Locomotive No. 245 LIONEL TRAINS LOCOMOTIVE No. 2034

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Lionel Trains Locomotive No. 2034 Variation A

Lionel Trains Locomotive No. 236The Lionel Columbia Type 2-4-2-Locomotive No. 2034 was issued as a modified Scout locomotive only in 1952. This engine was modified from the No. 1110, which was also available this year. Instead of using a plastic motor with a two-position control unit, Lionel would use a metal engine with a three-position control unit whose control lever points down on this engine.

To accommodate these changes several alterations to the locomotive body casting were necessary:
1. The control slot on top right behind the sand dome was filled in.
2. The hole in the front of the boiler that was used to push smoke out of the No. 6110 casting was filled in.
3. The motor mounting pins along the side of the locomotive that held the motor in place were filled in, and were replaced by a screw hole on the top of the boiler right in front of the cab that used a 6-32" x 7/16" flat head screw.
4. The holes along the side of the boiler that held the hand rails in place were filled in.

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Produced on a painted BLACK die-cast body with SILVER rubber-stamped number on the cab. This engine was lighted and came with a headlight lens. It used a No. 6066T tender that has scout trucks with a magnetic coupler. There are two variations:
Variation A: An early production that still has the side motor mounting pin holes that were used on the No. 1110.
Variation B: Has the side mounting motor pin holes filled in. Late 1952 production.
This locomotive was designed to work on O27 Gauge track and it will also run on O Gauge track.

No. 2034 Box End
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