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Featuring 22 scenes from the Classic Lionel Postwar Catalogs. Revive those exciting memories of yesteryear with these innovative screen saver pictures.
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Action Cars!
1952 is one of our favorite catalogs simply because of the wonderful paintings that appeared in it, and this is page 17. Robert Sherman who painted these catalogs for Lionel left a lasting impression upon millions of kids.

Lionel 1950
The cover of the 1950 catalog. Left virtually unaltered as it appeared in Lionel’s fiftieth year of production of electric trains.

This really beautiful picture that appeared on page 11 of the 1953 catalog and shows of two of Lionel’s Alco diesel engines.

The Virginian Rectifier
This is page 24 from the 1958 catalog and it was here that Lionel introduced the Virginian Rectifier. We’ve expanded the launching pads higher into the sky to enhance Lionel’s dramatic testament to the "Space Age!"

Full Speed Ahead!
Page six of the 1950 catalog told us all about the virtues of "Magne-traction" the innovation that allowed Lionel trains to pull more...climb more...etc.

The Marine Corps Sets of 1958
This is two pages of the 1958 catalog and the background was brought in from an additional page of this catalog...expanded and modified.

Here’s Real Railroad Fun!
"Here’s Real Railroad Fun" is what Lionel said about the train sets that were shown on page five of the 1953 catalog.

Lionel 1959
The cover of the 1959 catalog showing a stunning array of engines and cars that are in this catalog.

The Lionel 2018 Adriatic
Lionel’s economic six-wheeler in an impressive pose from page eight of the 1958 catalog.

The Lionel No. 350 Transfer Table
Page 33 of the 1958 catalog offers the best view of the Lionel No. 350 Transfer Table in addition to some of their innovative motive power and operating cars.

Lionel Motive Power of 1954
Lionel showed off some of their engines on page two of the 1954 catalog and left us wanting to recreate a scene just like this on our model railroads.

The Lionel Santa Fe F-3
This definitive picture of Lionel’s most popular diesel appeared on page 21 of the 1952 catalog and has been isolated from other distracting elements on this page to enhance its resplendent beauty.

Lionel 1957
1957 was the year that Lionel introduced "Super-O" track and it dominates the cover of this years’ catalog.

The Lionel Scout Set of 1952
Was illustrated on page three from the 1952 catalog. We left this completely intact with the exception that the page number no longer appears.

Lionelville Junction
This is one of the accessory pages of the 1955 catalog and shows some of the exciting Lionel accessories that were available this year. We’ve removed distracting illustrations and added the forced perspective on the last four passenger cars following the locomotive in the background.

The Lionel Rio Grande F-3
"THUNDERING OUT OF THE WEST...THE ’RIO GRANDE’ ON..." page 35 of the 1958 catalog, which showed the best picture of this diesel but little else. Scenic elements from page 34 were added to fill out the picture.

Men of Tomorrow
Geared by Lionel more towards their parents than the kids, page two of the 1952 catalog told us that the "Men of Tomorrow choose LIONEL Today." It sure made you feel good when you read this as a kid.

The Western Pacific Stops At Lionelville
The origination of this picture starts on page 30 and 31 in Lionel’s 1953 catalog. Unfortunately, in the catalog, half of it is covered with advertising for their accessories. We removed these advertisements and expanded upon what was in the original artwork.

The Lionel 665 Hudson
This is the "Timberland Special" as it was illustrated on page 22 and 23 in the 1958 catalog. The complete background from page 22 was used to fill out the picture resulting the re-routing of the river.

The Yard
Every boy and girl wanted a train yard like this! This is one of the accessory pages of the 1952 catalog and is unaltered, save that Lionel’s item numbers have been removed from the accessories.

The Lionel Alcos of 1957
"Working freight or passenger...two brand new double-enders with magne-traction and piercing headlights!" was how Lionel introduced these diesels in the 1957 catalog. Truly a gorgeous picture.

The 1955 catalog showed this painting of the rare "black and yellow" Virginian Fairbanks-Morse Trainmaster diesel in the foreground and the "gray top" Lackawanna in the background.

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