1901, 1958,
45976 (current issue)
1901 Union Station Box 1958 Union Station Box 45976 Union Station Silver Series Box 45976 Union Station Current Issue Box

This impressive station was first introduced in 1956 and came in a two piece box. The only variation that occurred concerned the clock, and this is illustrated below along with a break down of the individual parts that comprise this station.

Union Station Parts

The parts that are needed to complete this structure are:

  1. Platform Wall Canopy
  2. Ramp Hand Rail (4 stanchions)
  3. Platform
  4. Steps Hand Rail (3 stanchions)
  5. Side Platform Roof Support (4 each)
  6. Roof
  7. Platform Wall
  8. Side Platform Roof (2 each)
  9. Side Platform (2 each)
10. Front Wall Door Canopy
11. Left Side Wall
12. Front Wall
13. Right Side Wall
14. Front Steps

The Parts that are sometimes missing are the hand rails (No. 2 and No. 4) and the side platform roof supports (No. 5). None of these parts have been reproduced.

The Union Station

Union Station Clock Piece

Union Station Clock
This clock snaps into the front wall of the station and is sometimes missing. This part was replaced with a decal in 1981 with the release of the No. 1958 kit (shown to the right).

Union Station Clock Decal

Broken Side Wall

Side Wall Vulnerability
The side walls of the Union Station are prone to breakage during assembly and disassembly because of the way that the tabs mount into the front wall. Note the arrow in the picture to the left, where the upper tabs have been broken off. We’ve seen this fault repeatedly. No reproduction of this part available.

Broken Side Platform Support

Side Platform Roof Support Vulnerability
The roof supports on the side platforms snap into the platform and are not easily removed in some cases. Forcing removal will often result in breakage (note the arrow) if care is not taken during disassembly. These roof supports are one of the problem parts for this kit, and they have not been reproduced.

45976 Union Station Silver Series Box 45976 Union Station Current Issue Box

Current Issue Union Station
This Union Station has WHITE colored walls, GRAY platforms and GREEN roofs and canopies. These colors were used on the previously issued version with the decal. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45976 Union Station Current Issue

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