LP-9, 1025
SL-1, 1026
1938, 45938, 45990
1938 Street Lights Box  
LP-9 Lamp Posts on Card

The street light was introduced in 1950. The tip of the light would glow in the dark after being exposed to light. They were issued two to a card as is illustrated to the left, and 12 of these cards came in a dealer box that was displayed on the retail counter. Some retailers, like F.W. Woolworth Co., removed the lights from the card and displayed them in bins along with the many other items that were introduced by Bachmann this year. This has made these cards somewhat scarce and the lights are worth more if they are still mounted on it. There is a scarcer color variation of BLACK that differed from this normally GREEN piece.
     In 1981 Bachmann would issue kit No. 1938, which contained 12 of these posts along with 12 of the SL-1 Boulevard Lights illustrated to the right. The SL-1 lights were also originally released in 1950 in dealer boxes of 12 and came only in the common GREEN color.

LP-9 Black Street Light LP-9 Green Street Light SL-1 Boulevard Light

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