PD-3, 1614,
45609 (current issue)
PD-3 Police Department Box PD-3 Police Department Canadian Box 1614 Police Department Box 45609 Police Department Silver Series Box 45609 Police Department Current Issue Box

It wasn’t long in the "Plastic Village" before a place was needed to house the juvenile delinquents who were running rampant in 1951 when this Police Department structure was first built.

PD-3 Police Department Dark Gray Variation

The PD-3 box that houses the Police Department is relatively common, but the 1614 box that was released in 1957 is hard to locate. The current issue includes a car.

Listed here are the parts that are often found "off duty."

Police Department Light

Police Department Lights

These two red base lights go on the front wall of the Police Dept. and they are often missing or broken. Replacement parts are available.

Police Department Antenna

Police Department Antenna

This piece is very often missing from the roof of the Police Department. Fits into the antenna base. A Replacement part is available.

Police Department Antenna Base

Police Department Antenna Base

This part holds the antenna in position in the center of the roof of the Police Dept. It is often missing. A reproduced part is available.

PD-3 Chimney Half

Police Department Chimney Half

This piece is needed to complete the other two sides of the chimney that are formed by two of the walls, and support the chimney cap. It is often missing and has not been reproduced.

Police Department Chimney Cap

Police Department Chimney Cap

This cap sits atop the chimney half and two of the wall’s corners and is often missing. A reproduction part is available.

Police Department Color Variations  
Police Department Dark Gray Color Variation Police Department Light Gray Color Variation

Here are the two main color variations of the Police Department. The DARK GRAY is to the left and the LIGHT GRAY is on the right. Both of these are about equally common with the DARK GRAY being a little more difficult to find.

There is a third color variation of this structure in which the walls are SANDSTONE in color.

Shown to the right is the common LIGHT GRAY variation and to the far right is the SANDSTONE variation. This variation is very scarce.

Police Department Sandstone Variation Police Department Sandstone Variation
Police Department Common Fault
Police Department Common Fault

Shown to the left is a common fault that is found with the Police Department. Often the bars on the front wall are cracked or broken. Note the RED arrows pointing to the circles where the bars are cracked. Sometimes these can be repaired if pieces of these bars are not missing.

There is no replacement part that is available and supply is limited to those unbroken walls that can be found in existing kits.

45609 Police Department Silver Series Box 45609 Police Department Current Issue Box

Current Issue Police Department
This version of the Police Department has CREAM walls and a BROWN roof and trim. These colors have never been used before on this structure. It also comes with a car. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45609 Police Department Current Issue

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