1918 Park Assortment Box  

The Park Assortment was issued in 1975 in a pictured two-piece box. This was the first time that the elusive telephone booth was available in a kit. This kit is highly sought after by collectors today.

1918 Park Assortment Parts

Park Assortment Parts
The parts that came in this kit were as follows:
1. 1090  Telephone Booth
2. BC-9  Bench (8 each)
3. WH-5 Fire Hydrant ORANGE (12 each)
4. MB-6 Mailboxes RED (12 each)

The only parts that have been reproduced are the Benches. All other parts needed to complete this assortment are only available in existing kits. Because of the color differences in the hydrant (ORANGE), and the mail box (RED), these parts cannot be used from earlier issues of the Outdoor Necessities, or from any of the Master Units that contained them.

Also, the earlier issue of the Telephone Booth contained the shelf and the hanging telephone book, this issue does not have them.


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