1913 (no flowers)
45618 (current issue)
1621 Motel Box 1913 Motel Box 45618 Motel Silver Series Box 45618 Motel Current Issue Box
The Plasticville Motel

The Motel was first released in 1957 in a one piece No. 1621 box and was a Littletown design. It came with three paper flowers that were placed on the walkway and three cars.
In 1971, the two piece No. 1913 box was introduced. This version did not have the paper flowers and only sometimes came with the cars.
Aside from the current issue, the colors of this piece are always SALMON walls and WHITE trim or these colors are reversed. The walkway should always be the same color as the roof. We’ve illustrated what is commonly missing from this kit below.

1621 Motel Flowers

Three paper flowers came with kit No. 1621 and are often missing. They are available as reproductions. They went in front of each of the motel rooms as indicated by the arrows. Note that the walkway is the incorrect color in this picture.

A Close Up View of the Motel Flowers
Motel Automobiles

When first released as the 1621 the motel came with three autos. Many times they are missing. Some later issues would not have these cars. I need these autombiles to complete the kit that I have. You can identify a Plasticville automobile by the inscription on the underside as illustrated to the right. Also SEE: Vehicle Assortments.

Underside of the Plasticville Automobile

45618 Motel Silver Series Box 45618 Motel Current Issue Box

Current Issue Motel
This Motel has CREAM colored walls and GRAY roof & trim that make it different from the previous issues. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45613 Motel Current Issue

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