FH-4, 1607,
1921, 1956, 45956,
45610 (current)
Canadian FH-4 Fire House Box FH-4 Fire House Box 1607 Fire House Box 1921 Fire Department Box 1956 & 45956 Fire House Box
1921 Fire House with Black Lettering

The Fire House was introduced to the Plasticville line in 1950 and has been in production ever since. Due to this long period, it was inevitable that some changes in this structure would occur. In 1954, Bachmann would include a Fire Truck with this house in those boxes that were marked with a New Accessory sticker on top.
Illustrated to the left is the "No Plasticville Logo" variation with BLACK lettering. This is the rarest issue of this Fire House.
Below we’ve illustrated this, and other changes that occurred, along with the parts that are commonly found "off duty."

Fire House Chimney Half

Fire House Chimney Half

This piece is needed to complete the other two sides of the chimney that are formed by two of the walls, and support the chimney cap. It is often missing and has not been reproduced.

Fire House Chimney Cap

Fire House Chimney Cap

This cap sits atop the chimney half and two of the wall’s corners and is often missing. A reproduction of this part is available.

Fire House White Siren

Fire House Siren Color Variation
The siren is often missing from this kit. There are two sizes of siren. When first released this kit had a siren that was 5/8 inch across. Latter versions would be 1/2 inch square. An illustration of the smaller WHITE siren is shown to the left. This part has been reproduced. The GRAY siren, shown on the right, which is also found in both sizes, is much rarer. This color has not been reproduced. The rare GRAY siren only came in kits in which the "Plasticville" logo was on the front wall. See below.

Fire House Gray Siren
Fire House Plasticville Logo Variation
Fire House with Plasticville LogoFire House without Plasticville LogoFire House without Plasticville Logo & Black Lettering

By 1976, when the No. 1921 kit was released, the "Plasticville" logo that had been on this structure previously had been removed. Some of these kits came with the "Engine Co No. 7" and "Ladder Co No. 8" in BLACK letters instead of the normally seen RED colors. Besides the GRAY siren, these kits with BLACK lettering are the rarest of this structure. By the time the No. 1956 was released, in addition to there being no logo, none of the remaining raised letters were painted.

Fire Trucks
Fire Pump Truck
Fire Aerial Ladder Truck

Bachmann included two fire trucks with the No. 1921 and 1956 kit, one pump truck with a nozzle on top, and one aerial ladder truck. Often the nozzle is broken off of the pumper and the ladder is often missing from the aerial. There are no replacements for these parts. Also SEE: Vehicle Assortments.

45956 Fire House Silver Issue Box 45610 Fire House Current Issue Box

Current Issue Fire House
The current issue of the Fire House has CREAM walls and BLACK roof and trim that distinguishes it from the older issues. Comes with YELLOW trucks with SILVER trim and a RED car. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view. Purchase the current issue Fire House.

45610 Fire House Current Issue


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