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The Plasticville Switch Tower


    Over the fifty year history of this tower, Bachmann used quite a few different number designations for this structure. This picture was taken from the box that was numbered 1814. This kit, and the later issued number 1951 (Switch Tower/Signal Bridge), were the only versions that did not come with the "Plasticville Junction" signs. So, the box art on this kit does not reflect what should be inside. Smile

    It was necessary to add 190 lines of pixels at the top and 100 lines at the bottom to bring the painting into the proper proportions for the computer. This prevented distortion of the picture when it would later be sized to fit the desktop. I then extended the track and tower platform into these pixels at the bottom, and at the top, I created additional sky and the top of the extended roof chimney.

    Clean up consisted of removing all of the damage that had been suffered by this box over the years, in addition to correcting some of the artistic flaws left by the artist. This is how I can recognize the work of this railroad artist because there is always some "white canvas" left between certain parts of the scenery.

This is the kind of pastoral scene that I’d love to create on a layout...if I had a big enough room. Smile

I hope you enjoy this picture.


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