1703, 1850,
1983 (Scenic Classic)
1703 Colonial Mansion Box 1850 Colonial Mansion Box 1983 Colonial Mansion Scenic Classic Box  

The Colonial Mansion first came to the Plasticville housing development in 1957 under the designation of 1703. In 1971 the number was changed to 1850, and it came in a two-piece box, and in 1980, the number 1983 Scenic Classic was issued that came with a grass mat, tree, two people, and an automobile.
On this former Littletown structure the walls are held together by slide mouldings located at the end of each wall. These are often found broken due to improper handling during assembly and dis-assembly.

The parts needed to complete this house are:
1. Front Wall Pillars
2. Front Wall
3. Back Wall
4. Side Wall (2 each)
5. Roof
6. Chimney Half
We’ve illustrated the problem parts below.
Colonial Mansion Chimney Half

Chimney Half
This is the part that is most often missing from this kit. Two of these are needed to complete the chimneys that are located on each side wall. Often the locating pins are broken as is indicated by the arrows. Reproductions are made of this part.

spacerColonial Mansion Door

Sometimes these doors are missing on this structure. One is needed on both the front and the rear wall. These doors are always the same color as the roof. See Below. No reproductions are made of this part.

Roof Color Variation
Colonial Mansion Red RoofColonial Mansion Green RoofColonial Mansion Blue RoofColonial Mansion Gray Roof

The roof color can vary on this house. We’ve shown above the four colors that were available above. The most common is RED which is shown on the left and the rarest is the DARK GRAY version on the right.

These roofs are not reproduced and available supply is limited to those that are found in the original kits. To the right is the Colonial Mansion with the DARK GRAY roof.

Colonial Mansion with Dark Gray Roof  

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