CC-9, 1600,
1818, 1933,
5600 (bagged)
CC-9 Church Box 1600 Church Box 1818 Church Box Type 1 1818 Church Box Type 2 1933 Church Box  

Of the five different churches that Bachmann produced this is the most common variety. Also known as the "Parish Church," it was numbered CC-9 when first released in 1953. It is also the church that is the hardest to find in undamaged condition. Usually, one or more of the wall slide locking tabs are broken, and this usually occurs on the long walls. We’ve illustrated this problem along with others associated with this structure below.

CC-9 Parish Church

Church Color Variation
In later productions the roof and steeple color would be changed to DARK GRAY. The steeples that are shown to the right illustrate the difference. The common LIGHT GRAY on the right. The DARK GRAY color is only found in the No. 1818 kit and is harder to locate.

Parish Church Color Variation

Church Door
The Parish Church Door is made out of paper and is glued in place. Many times it is found torn or missing, and in the case of the No. 1818, was not applied by Bachmann at the factory at all. A reproduction of this part is available.

Parish Church Door
Stained Glass Paper glued to inside of church wall
Deteriorated Stained Glass Paper glued to inside of church wall

Stained Glass
All of the churches came (with one exception) with felt-paper "stained glass" that was glued to the inside of the walls. Many times these are found in a deteriorated condition as is illustrated in the lower picture to the left. Also note that this piece is missing the left "slide tab" that locks the walls together. You can replace these window inserts with reproductions that are available.
With an interior light these paper stained glass windows look really good as is illustrated to the right. Using the proper voltage to the light will minimize the amount of light that "bleeds" through the white plastic of the walls.

Close Up of staind glass window

No. 1818 Stained Glass
When Bachmann issued the No. 1818 in 1974 they changed the stained glass. Pictured below is how this stained glass appears on the walls of this issue. Printed on clear film instead of the paper felt backing, these stained glass walls would better allow the light to show through the windows when this structure was lighted. What is remarkable is that not all of these kits came with this stained glass. On this issue, and those previously released in the Type 2 generic box, the walls are often found with no stained glass at all. No one knows how many were issued in this fashion or why this occurred.

Exterior View of the No. 1818 Stained Glass
Courtesy of P. Fagley Collection
Interior View of the No. 1818 Stained Glass
Courtesy of P. Fagley Collection

Church Parts
The part that is always lost on this church is number 8, the steeple cross. Fortunately, this part is reproduced. Problematic with this structure are the slide tabs (indicated by the red arrows) that hold the four walls together. These are easily broken during assembly and disassembly, and this has caused problems in obtaining kits that have these walls completely intact.

Church Parts

Church Parts
The parts needed to complete this kit are:
1. Front & Rear Bell Tower Wall (2 each)
2. Side Bell Tower Wall (2 each)
3. Front Wall w/red paper door
4. Roof Section (2 each)
5. Side Wall (2 each)
6. Bell Tower Roof (dark gray var.)
7. Rear Wall
8. Steeple Cross

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