BB-9, 1028
Kellogg’s (w/lights)

Issued in the standard dealer box of one dozen in 1950 as the No. BB-9, Bachmann would, in 1957, change the designation on this box to 1028. This accessory is similar to many others that Bachmann sold, in that the dealer box is much harder to find than are the billboards themselves.

White Billboard with School Zone Insert

These billboards were manufactured in either GREEN or WHITE colors and came with a variety of signs.
   We’ve illustrated the inserts that Bachmann used with these billboards below. Collectors favor the "School Zone," while the "Hires Root Beer" is the hardest to find, with the exception of the "B.C. Apples," which was only available in Canada.

Green Billboard with Solarex Car Insert
School Zone Insert Solarex Car Insert Solarex Fishing Solarex Lady Insert
Solarex Com'On Kids! Majestic Com'On Kids! Hires Root Beer BC Apples
Original scans for the last four inserts are courtesy of Sheldon Wotring

The Canadian Dark Brown Billboard

The Canadian Dark Brown Color Variation
Sometime between 1950 and 1953, these DARK BROWN billboards were produced for the Canadian market in Canada by Frank Martin & Co., Ltd. It is not known what arrangement they had with Bachmann, but they did use Bachmann’s production numbers for the products that they sold. These billboards were included in the Canadian Master Units of the time and all of these billboards came with a "B.C. Apples" insert. It seems that Frank Martin & Company also owned this apple orchard.

Original scans courtesy of Sheldon Wotring

Billboards From Kellogg’s (w/lights)
Kellogg's Cereal Billboard

In 1956 Kellogg’s would issue a set of billboards in boxes of "Frosted Flakes." These are often confused with those that are made by Bachmann because they are approximately the same size. However, they are easily distinguished from Plasticville because of the way they mount to their bases and the fact that they came with "lights" that mounted on top of the billboard, as is illustrated to the left.
   These are harder to find in their "Original Packaging." The parts that make up these billboards are shown to the right. They are: 1 Billboard; 2 Billboard Base Stands (2/billboard) 3 Billboard Lights (2/billboard)

Kellogg's Billboard Parts
The inserts would have pictures on both sides and we’ve shown these below.
Pepsi-Cola Billboard Insert Opposite Sides Juicy Fruit Gum Billboard Insert   Morton Salt Billboard Insert Opposite Sides AC Filters Billboard Insert
Look Before You Cross Streets Billboard Insert Opposite Sides Lipton Soup Billboard Insert   Minute Maid Orange Juice Billboard Insert Opposite Sides Gleem Toothpaste Billboard Insert

Other Billboard Inserts
Backside Billboard Inscription

Bachmann would encourage kids to make their own billboard inserts with the above inscription that was printed on the back of the early releases of their billboards. Below are shown two different billboard inserts that we’ve found. These appear to be professionally printed on card stock and the Kellogg’s billboard has a high gloss overcoat. Please send us an email if you know who made these billboards so that we can give them credit.

Kellogg's Billboard Insert Circus Billboard Insert

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