BY-4, 1606
BY-4 Barnyard Animals Box 1606 Barnyard Animals Box

First released in 1952, there were 18 animals that came with the BY-4 set. This same quantity would also be in the 1606 box when it was released in 1957. These animal sets consisted of four sheep, four pigs, three horses, four standing cows, and three sitting cows.

Illustrated below are the color varieties of these animals. Some colors are more difficult to obtain than others. The RED BROWN variety of any animal is particularly tough to find, as is the WHITE horse. All varieties of these animals are needed to complete the sets that I have.

Barnyard Animals

Available Barnyard Animal Color Variations
  1. WHITE sheep
  2. GRAY sheep
  3. WHITE pig
  4. RED BROWN pig
  5. BROWN pig
  6. BLACK pig
  7. BLACK horse
  8. RED BROWN horse
  9. WHITE horse
10. BROWN horse
11. WHITE BROWN standing cow
12. RED BROWN standing cow
13. BROWN standing cow
14. BLACK standing cow
15. WHITE standing cow
16. WHITE BLACK standing cow
17. WHITE BROWN sitting cow
18. RED BROWN sitting cow
19. BROWN sitting cow
20. BLACK sitting cow
21. WHITE sitting cow
22. WHITE BLACK sitting cow

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