BN-1, 1601,
1704, 1811,
1851, 1987
(Scenic Classic),
5601 (bagged)
BN-1 Barn Box Type 1 BN-1 Barn Box Type 2 1601 Barn Box 1704 Barn Box 1987 Barn Senic Classic Box
The Plasticville BN-1 Barn

First available in 1950, this barn has had a long history. As a result, several uncommon variations have occurred. The first of these that was available only in 1950 and possibly 1949, was the RED sides and a DARK GREEN roof version. The second happened in 1954-55, and this version had CHROME roof vents, silo cap and weather vane. This version is shown to the left and a close-up view of the weather vane is shown to the right.

A third, and the most difficult version to locate, had WHITE sides with a LIGHT GREEN roof, silo cap, and weather vane. We’ve illustrated the two most frequently absent parts along with the CHROME version below. Of the boxes that this barn came in, the two-piece box No. 1704 released in 1964 is the most difficult to find, as is the No. 5601 issued in the Polybag. Below we’ve illustrated the component parts of this structure.

BN-1 Chrome Weather Vane
Barn Parts Barn Parts
The parts that are needed to complete this structure are:
  1. Right Wall
  2. Left Wall
  3. Right Roof
  4. Left Roof
  5. Front Side Wall
  6. Rear Side Wall
  7. Silo
  8. Silo Cap (Chrome var.)
  9. Roof Vent (without hole)
10. Roof Vent (with hole)
11. Horse Weather Vane
The Parts that are often missing are the roof vents 2 and 4 and the weather vane 5. These parts have been reproduced.
Barn Chrome Silo Cap
Barn Chrome Weathervane

Chrome Silo Cap
Sometimes the silo cap is missing from these barn kits. This part is not reproduced and supply is limited to what is available in existing kits. Shown to the left is the "Chrome" version of this cap.

Chrome Roof Vents & Weather Vane
Unlike the Silo Cap, there are reproductions available for these often broken or missing parts. However, the "Chrome" versions are not reproduced and I also need these parts.

Red Barn Roof Vent Weather Vane

Roof Vent Cap Weather Vane
This horse weather vane mounts on to the roof vent cap that has the hole in the top. Reproduction parts are made in RED, WHITE, DARK GREEN, and LIGHT GREEN.

Red Barn Roof Vent Cap

Roof Vent Cap
Two of these caps mount on the roof of the barn and lock the roof-halves together. One of these vents has a hole in the center (illustrated) that is used to mount the horse weather vane. Reproductions of both types of roof vent are made in the RED, and WHITE colors.

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