1702 (not manufactured)
45986 (current)
AP-1 Airport Hangar Box 45986 Silver Issue Box 45986 Airport Hangar Current Issue Box

Until the most recent issues the Plasticville Aircraft Hangar was only available in the AP-1 single piece box that is illustrated above to the left. The catalogs show other numbers for this structure, but they were never made available to the public for purchase. In addition to the color variation listed below, there was a version that was issued in ORANGE and DARK BLUE colors that was produced for the LCCA (Lionel Collectors Club of America).

Airport Hangar Door

Hangar Door
Two of these side wall doors are used on this hangar and they are sometimes missing. No reproduction part is available and supply is limited to what is available in existing kits.

Airport Hangar Windsock

The windsock is about the only item from this structure that is commonly found missing. WHITE was the only color that this part was made in and it has been reproduced.

Airport Hangar Broken Jets

These jets were mainly found in the Airport Master Units, but in 1955 Bachmann included them in the Airport Hangar. There are two types of jets, a fighter and a bomber, and both are SILVER in color. Pictured here are two of the bombers, and often these jets are missing the front landing gear, as indicated by the arrow in the picture. Current issue jets are of a different color. These planes are greatly out of scale for "O Gauge" and if they are used on a layout they are best placed in the background.

Airport Hangar Color Variation
Blue Roof Color Variation Orange Roof Color Variation

The normal colors for these hangars are illustrated above. The ORANGE roof version was usually reserved by Bachmann for their Airport Master Units, but in 1955 they released these colors in the AP-1 box. The doors on this structure were also changed to a DARK GRAY color. These colors are much scarcer than the blue roof versions and command higher prices due to their rarity. The DARK GRAY colored side wall doors, illustrated to the right, for this hanger are not reproduced and are needed to complete kits.

Airport Hangar Gray Side Door
Common Fault
Airport Hangar Common Fault

The Windsock for the Airport Hangar fits very tightly in the raised holder on the roof. If care is not taken in disassembly then it will often break, as is shown in the picture to the left. Part of the stem of the windsock is lodged in its holder on the roof.
Caution should be excercised in removal of the windsock from the roof.

Airport Hangar Windsock

LCCA Color Variation

Issued in 2000 by The Lionel Collectors Club of America, there were only 996 of these Hangars that were produced in the classic Lionel colors of DARK BLUE and ORANGE.

Silver Series Box Type 2The "PLASTICVILLE AIRPORT" name on the front wall has been removed and a sticker was included that showed "LCCA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT." This hangar came in a Silver Series box that is shown to the right.

45986 LCCA Airport Hangar
45986 Airport Hangar Silver Issue Box 45986 Airport Hangar Current Issue Box

Current Issue Airport Hangar
The current issue of the Airport Hangar has a GRAY roof and trim that distinguishes it from the older issues. The jets are OLIVE DRAB. These colors have never been used on this piece before. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a larger view.

45986 Airport Hangar Current Issue

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