1612 (not manufactured)
CS-5 5 & 10 Cent Store Box

This is probably the most straight forward of the structure kits that Bachmann manufactured. There are no color, or parts variations to contend with. There is some doubt that the No. 1612 was ever made. If you know about this we’d like to hear from you. Shown below are the parts for this building.

5 & 10 Cent Store Parts

5 & 10 Cent Store Parts

The parts needed to complete this store are:

1. Front Wall
2. Right Side Wall
3. Left Side Wall
4. Back Wall
5. Roof

None of these parts have been reproduced and supply is limited to what is available in existing kits.

5 & 10 Cent Store Left Window Insert  5 & 10 Cent Store Center Window Insert  5 & 10 Cent Store Right Window Insert

5 & 10 Cent Store Window Inserts
The window inserts for this kit are the only parts that are frequently found missing. These are shown to the left in order, and reproductions are made that replace each of these.


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