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Placing Marx Orders


If you have not already done so, please read the "Payment & Shipping Information Page" and
the "Guarantee & Return Policy Page" by clicking on one of the following:

Payment and Shipping Information Guarantee and Return Policy

Ordering Methods

Ordering Methods
E-mailSend to: To hold your purchase
MailPO Box 245, Whitmire, SC 29178-0245 Print & complete Customer Order Form

OB E-mail Order

You may contact us at to place an order by e-mail and we will hold your purchase in lieu of payment. We will confirm your order by e-mail and ask you to acknowledge the confirmation.

OB E-mail your order to:

OB Mail Order

If you are ordering by mail we Strongly urge you to contact us by email so that we can hold the item(s) that you want. Since quantities are limited, we may not have the item in stock when your order arrives. Please let us know how to contact you in case this happens. In addition, please let us know how you want a partial order handled in case we have only some of the items that you ordered.

OB Click Here to Print the Order Form Click here to print the Order Formclick here To print the order form.

OB Please print the Customer Order Form and complete all of the information. Please remember to include:

OB Shipping Address
OB Telephone number (either home or work)
OB Payment method
OB 6% SC Sales Tax (if you are a resident of South Carolina)
OB Applicable shipping & insurance charges ($4.00 minimum)
OB Your signature

OB Mail your order to: Tandem Associates
P.O. Box 245
Whitmire, SC 29178-0245


For more information about ordering go to one of these related pages!
Payment and Shipping Information Guarantee and Return Policy Click Here to Print the Order Form

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