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This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the "Post-war Era" only from 1945 until 1969.

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Lionel Trains 1053 Transformer LIONEL TRAINS TRANSFORMER TYPE 1053

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Lionel Trains Transformer Type 1053 Type 1053 Box End

Lionel Trains 1053 TransformerThe Lionel 1053 Transformer was available from 1956 until 1960. It generated 60 Watts of power and would control one train. It does not have a built-in circuit breaker, but after 1957 Lionel would offer the No. 91 Circuit Breaker that could be used with this transformer. It came with a horn/whistle control button. The "X" printed on the box illustrated above indicates that this transformer was originally included in a set.
A veiwer of this page has stated that his No. 1053 has a circuit breaker. This transformer may have been produced in 1960. Confirmation of this is requested.

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