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The image above is not from the The Green Light Award, but is directly linked from The Lionel Trains Horizontal Rules. Directly linking graphics to another web site is known as "Bandwidth Stealing." Bandwidth is simply the amount of information that is sent from one computer to another. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) limit the amount of information that a site can send during a particular (usually one month) period. If the amount of information that is transmitted over the internet exceeds a set amount, the site is either charged an additional usage fee or it is shut down for the remainder of the agreed period, depending upon the ISP. If the image above was sent from another server, The Green Light Award would be stealing valuable bandwidth from The Lionel Trains Horizontal Rules. Never link files from another web site unless you have permission to do so. If you do, your website will be disqualified for The Green Light Award. Exceptions will be allowed for Counters, and Guest Books.

NOTE: The above is shown as an example. Since Tandem Associates owns both sites, and since The Green Light Award is really just one part of Tandem Associates’ domain, there is NO actual Bandwidth Stealing.

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